Your Positive Financial Attitude


In this economy, our financial future is up to us!  We can turn economic negatives into positives if, and when, we decide and choose to direct our financial energy away from what can’t be done and toward ways to help ourselves become financially independent. 

A positive mental attitude may very well be the difference between succeeding financially and struggling to keep our heads above the financial turmoil.

I’m suggesting not only do we need to do the financially prudent things to help us grow and thrive but also work on the emotional and mental aspects of financial growth. As Napoleon Hill said, “Think and Grow Rich.”

Here are a few suggestions to get started:

1. Have faith that you will thrive and succeed.
When you have faith in your financial abilities and decisions, you can make things happen for the positive. The Law of Attraction states that thought has vibration and what you think about you bring about. Faith enables you to act upon your positive and empowering thoughts. Faith combined with positive action is a powerful wealth-building tool.

2. What you say day-to-day about the economy and its affect on you personally, can end up becoming your reality.
If you go around complaining about the economy and how helpless you are to do anything about it, is your mental attitude positive or negative? Will a negative attitude make you money? Instead ask yourself, “How many ways can I financially thrive today, tomorrow and next month?” Ask a positive question and you’ll get a positive answer. Your self-talk forms the world you see. When you speak and think positively you see, and even seek out, the positives in your life.

3. Believe, without an ounce of doubt, that you will achieve your financial goals.
Belief in yourself and your right to enjoy abundance and wealth is both positive and powerful. You will only achieve the financial level to which you are most comfortable. A $5,000 financial comfort zone will not be earning $50,000. Believe it or not, you will stop yourself from achieving financial freedom if you don’t truly believe you’re worthy and deserving of financial freedom. Do you know your financial comfort zone?

4. Make the emotional commitment to thrive financially no matter what is happening around you.
Decisiveness leads to positive action and consistent positive action leads to success. Make up your mind to thrive in life no matter what. Once you’ve made up your mind to thrive, take action immediately.

Here’s a success tip: Don’t allow your financial goals to be negatively influenced by the opinions of others. Have complete faith and belief in yourself, your ability to thrive and your financial goals.

5. Tap into your intuition and listen to your instincts.
You are wise and resourceful. Listen to that inner voice when it says to call your financial advisor. Listen when you “feel” you should be taking action on a certain financial situation or opportunity. A positive mental attitude allows you to use all your senses, including intuition.

Another success tip: You control your thoughts. Your thoughts control your attitude. Your attitude can control your belief system. When you believe, without an ounce of doubt, that you will thrive in any economy, you’re giving yourself the power to prosper. Remember this, your positive mental attitude can support your financial success, no matter the current condition of the economy.

What have been your choices been lately? Are your choices leading you toward greater financial independence?

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