Your Money Mindset

pile of money

You have the power to create great personal, professional and financial successes in life – it all depends on your money mindset.

Let me share what I’ve discovered about understanding your money mindset:

1. Negative money habits and financial beliefs place an emotional ceiling on your ability to produce unlimited prosperity, abundance and wealth.

2. Making and enjoying money is a positive state of mind. It’s this positive state of mind that unconsciously fosters and nurtures an abundant and prosperous life.

3. The attitudes you have about money today, as an adult, began by believing and mirroring what your childhood role models believed about prosperity, abundance and wealth.

4. Being paid what your worth means you believe you’re worth being paid.

5. How you handle money is a reflection of how you handle yourself.

Keep track of how you’re handling money and what’s going on in your life emotionally. If you’re financially stressed, you’re emotionally stressed. What can you do to create balance in your life? Taking action and being proactive is a positive step toward positive financial self-esteem.

You have the power to create great personal, professional and financial successes in life. Go for it!

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