You Have Choices


During times of turmoil and transition it’s wise to be very careful with your choices and decisions. Knee-jerk emotional reactions may leave you hurting and confused.  Well thought out actions will move you forward in powerful positive ways.

Choices To Help Keep You In Control Of Your Own Destiny

Positive choices are choices that direct you to positive solutions, keep your self-esteem in tact and enhance self-confidence.

The choice to learn – Making wise decisions is empowering. Ask questions, read self-development or technical books, enhance skills, seek out mentors – do whatever you have to do to move forward intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

The choice to prosper and thrive – Seek out opportunities to enhance your ability to prosper and thrive. How can you use what’s happening in your life now to prepare yourself for a more empowered future?  Sometimes you have to look and dig deep, but it’s there.

The choice to grow – Look at the challenges and transitions in life as an opportunity to spread your wings and try new and different things. Maybe go back to school, network with successful people, ask a potential mentor out to lunch, read and listen to self-development materials and attend empowering seminars and workshops. Grow inside and out. Take chances and come out of your comfort zone.

Choices That Keep You Out of Control

 Negative choices are any choices that keep you from your full potential and also rob you of healthy self-esteem and self-confidence.  Being out of control is self-sabotaging.

The choice to stagnate – Have you ever seen stagnating pond water? Not a pretty sight, is it? A person who allows their potential to stagnate isn’t a very pretty sight either. Are you wallowing in negativity? Are you afraid to try something new? Are you afraid to face the present? Are you depressed about the future? If you’re stagnating, you’ve given away control of your present and future.

The choice to suffer – Being a long-suffering martyr won’t get you too far in the modern world. Pity parties don’t / won’t solve anything.

The choice to backslide – Sometimes, especially during turmoil, the past seems comfortable.  After all, you reason, at least I knew what to expect. The past is never as wonderful as the mind likes to remember. Your best bet is to learn from the past, deal with the present and head excitedly forward, toward the future.

Food for thought: The choices you’re making today may affect the rest of your life.

I originally published this article on Suite 101 in March, 2008.


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