You’re Not The Only One Who Struggles

I know from my own experiences and listening to friends and coaching clients that we all have struggles. Everyday we are facing something that presents a challenge to us either physically, emotionally, financially or spiritually.

I’ve been watching Shania Twain in her series “Why Not?” on the OWN network. Shania documents her struggle with betrayal, divorce and the loss of her beautiful singing voice. Who would have thought that a person so beautiful, talented, rich and famous would be dealing with a loss of self-confidence?

Watching “Why Not?” and observing Shania’s struggle with vocal cords that have tightened up and the loss of confidence in her ability to trust others, reminds me that we are all human – we all face our own challenges in our own way.

To me, Shania Twain is a reminder that no one is perfect. No one is above hurt, disappointment and betrayal. No one is immune to the challenges of life. No one, no matter how rich or famous, has a life that goes perfectly.

The key to learning and growing as an empowered person is realizing that we are not alone. Shania Twain is seeking out help. She’s calling on friends, associates and medical professionals to help her heal. We can do the same thing – we don’t have to go it alone.

The key to growth and healing is learning from the past and going forward in positive and empowering ways. Staying in struggle and feeling stuck isn’t going to make things better.

  • You’re not alone – everyone has or is facing a challenge of some sort.
  • You’re not alone as soon as you seek out support from your support network and qualified professionals.
  • You’re not alone as soon as you decide and commit to taking positive action.
  • You’re not alone as soon as you face what isn’t working and decide to change it into something more positive and empowering.

We all have choices. You can stay where you are and struggle or, you can decide to change what isn’t working into something more positive and productive.

You’re not the only one struggling but you are the only one who can decide to change. Only you can decide when it is time to seek out the mentors, coaches and the professionals who will you guide positively forward.

Thank you Shania Twain for showing us that no matter how glamorous and wonderful it may look in someone else’s life – everyone struggles. Thank you also for showing us that we have the power to end the struggle by taking control of our choices.

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