Writing Out Goals Is Important

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When I hear women in business say that they don’t need to write down their goals, I cringe.

Generally, the conversation goes something like this,

“Let’s go over your goals, would you email me a copy?”

She says, “I don’t have anything on paper, I keep my goals in my head.”

“Why?” I ask.

She answers, “I can remember them better them that way.”

Honestly, I find it difficult to understand this logic. From a business-building and goal-achieving standpoint, it isn’t the most efficient way to make goals reality.

There’s an unstoppable energy that begins when you believe in your goals enough to write them down. You are making an emotional and physical commitment to doing what it takes to make your goals reality. If writing out your goals can actually increase the ability to turn goals into reality, wouldn’t you do it?

Here are my thoughts about writing out goals:

1. Committing goals to paper helps you to express and visualize more clearly what you want and why you want to achieve it.

2. As you read your goals, they begin to form mental motion pictures in your mind. The more vivid the pictures, the more your unconscious mind tries to make them reality.

3. Goals written in a present tense and positive way become positive affirmations. The belief you have in yourself and your ability to achieve becomes stronger.

4. Written goals help you emotionally keep those inner motivators strong and powerful.

5. Written goals provide focus. When you have focus, you write to-do lists that are more effective and goal achieving.

I’m reminded of an interview I saw many years back with the actor Jim Carrey. When Jim Carrey first came to Los Angeles and was just starting out as an actor he drove to an overlook that provided him a view of Hollywood. He took out a blank check and wrote -

Payable to: Jim Carrey

Date: 3 years in advance

Amount: Twenty Five Million Dollars ($25,000,000)

Notes: For acting services

He carried that check around in his wallet for over three years (and maybe he’s still carrying the check). It was somewhere around three years later that he was given the starring role in Ace Ventura Pet Detective. That movie was the beginning of a career that earned Jim Carrey much more than the amount on the check he’d written to himself.

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