Women – Taking Care of Ourselves All Day Long

We’re women and that generally means our days are both physically and mentally busy. As we go about our daily personal and professional tasks, most of us rarely make time to step back and take care of ourselves. If we are going to work effectively and have the good health to enjoy it, self-care is vital.


Start your day off right – before you get out of bed to begin the day, stretch your mind and muscles.

Mentally: Take at least 30 – 60 seconds to mentally and emotionally visualize an empowered day. Repeat to yourself affirmations that reflect on good health, gratitude and abundance.

Physically: Breathe deeply and take a minute or two to stretch and loosen your muscles even before your feet hit the floor. It also wouldn’t hurt to keep a glass of water nearby so you can begin the hydration process first thing in the morning.


Take some time to relax, unwind and rejuvenate during your busy day. Ideally taking a nap would be perfect!

Mentally: Make a couple of minutes during the day to appreciate all you are accomplishing. Sit back and emotionally reinforce the positive difference you’re making in your own life and the lives of others. Set aside a couple of minutes to appreciate and value your time, energy and effort.

Physically: Remember to eat fruits and vegetables – they create great energy “pick me uppers.” Drink water instead of caffeine and sugar filled drinks. Proper hydration is an important part of a productive workday. Up to 60% of the human body is water so it is very important we stay properly hydrated. Also, make time to get up and move during the day – don’t stay behind your desk without taking a break to walk and stretch.


Mentally, emotionally and physically leave work at work. As soon as you leave your office or workspace, begin unwinding. Give your mind time to relax and unwind so you can have a peaceful and restful night’s sleep.

Mentally: Praise yourself for all you’ve accomplished during the day – the little and the big things. The end of your day is a perfect time to write in your gratitude journal.

Physically: Make time to unwind. If possible, schedule a weekly massage or take quiet evening walks. Before getting into bed roll your shoulders to help relieve built up tension and to release muscle strain.

What do you think? Can you commit some time each day to maintaining your mental, emotional and physical health?


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