What Should I Do With A 3 Day Weekend?

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Friday I looked at the calendar and saw three whole days considered a “holiday” weekend. I was puzzled because I wasn’t sure what I should be doing with a three-day holiday weekend. As a home-based business owner, should I treat these three days differently from any other Saturday, Sunday or Monday?

If you’re also a home-based business owner, let me ask you this: Is how you decide to spend a three-day “holiday” weekend an indication of how seriously you’re taking your business?

If you have a “legitimate” and “guilt-free” opportunity to take some down time down, can you freely give yourself permission to use it or does some negative thought about wasting time creep into your mind – thoughts that go something like this:

If I waste three valuable days this weekend playing or sleeping, will I miss an opportunity to get caught up or even get ahead with what I want to achieve in my business?

If I work all weekend and don’t take any down time, will I have wasted a value opportunity to relax and rejuvenate?

If I figure out a compromise, will I be able to split my time effectively between getting some work done and having some “play” time for friends and family and not feeling guilty?

Here’s how I spent my three-day weekend – I feel like I found some balance and I didn’t feel any guilt at all!

· Worked with a coaching client early AM.
· Talked with a potential coaching client in the PM and we decided it was a fit so we set up regular coaching sessions.
· Worked on Twitter and Facebook for thirty minutes or so.
· Spent several fun and relaxing hours getting a haircut and socializing.
· Started reading (really listening to on CD) a new J.D. Robb book.

· Recorded 3 videos first thing in the morning while the natural light was just right.
· Listened to a lot more of the J.D. Robb audio book (it was 13 hours+ long).
· Spent quality time with my husband talking, eating and laughing.
· Did a little shopping for things I needed and have been meaning to get around to.
· Did my weekly radio show Women Enjoying Success.

· Worked with 3 coaching clients (our regular coaching sessions).
· FINISHED!!! the J.D. Robb book – it was very, very good!
· Did some article writing and put a review of the J.D. Robb book on Amazon.com.
· Talked with my MasterMind partner (postponed from Saturday because of my haircut).
· Did some laundry and some ironing (the really fun stuff).
· Placed two new videos on YouTube – one for the Business Coach Site on BellaOnline.com and one for EntrepreneurialWomenTV.com

As I document all of this, I’m not quite sure what to think. Did I have a holiday? I know for sure I enjoyed myself. I did all the things I truly enjoy doing – well, maybe not the laundry or ironing.

I don’t believe I’m a “workaholic.” I do believe I am on a mission to grow my business so I can “holiday” in the future any time I choose. I also believe if I’m not hurting my personal relationships nor am I endangering my physical or mental health, then I should “holiday” the way that suits me best.

Really, when you work for yourself isn’t everyday a holiday?


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  1. Posted 09/07/2011 at 2:40 am | Permalink

    Great post, Sharon. I normally do work on the weekends too. But for this weekend…

    Let’s see…

    Saturday, I spent the day with my husband in Eureka Springs.
    Sunday, we recuperated from the trip to Eureka Springs.
    Monday, I started walking. The trip to Eureka Springs told me I have let myself get way out of shape.

    In between all of that I thought a lot about business and can’t wait until those trips can be part of our lifestyle on a regular basis.

    I did a little bit of writing, but not much. I took most of the time off and I do not feel guilty about it. :)

    Thanks for sharing your weekend!