What Is A Mastermind Group


A mastermind is a group of two or more like-minded people who come together for a specific purpose. Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, is credited with creating the popularity of the mastermind although the concept is centuries old. Used correctly, a mastermind is a powerful success tool. 

The power of the mastermind lies in bringing like-minded people together to share a common goal or interest. There are masterminds focusing on weight management, sobriety, professional growth or learning a new hobby or skill – anything that can bring like-minded people together in the spirit of sharing and growth. 

All mastermind groups share certain aspects in common: 

1. There is an undeniable synergy and energy that comes when like-minded goal oriented people choose to share ideas and support one another toward success. 

2. Because of the varied experiences and skill levels among the mastermind members, the potential for personal and/or professional growth is unlimited. 

3. A mastermind is a select group of individuals who vow to support and empower one another with respect, compassion and honesty. 

4. Openness and honesty is the keystone of a successful mastermind. That is why most personal and professional mastermind groups give their word to keep what is said within the mastermind confidential and private. 

5. There is powerful potential when like-minded people come together to support and empower one another in a true sense of giving and sharing. 

Here is Napoleon Hill’s definition of a mastermind group: “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.” 

A mastermind group is a place where like-minded people can openly talk about concerns, goals and plans. It is not a class or seminar – it is more of a discussion group with a structure and a purpose. Usually there is a facilitator who leads the group in discussions and sharing. The beauty of the mastermind is that everyone has an equal voice. 

You can form a mastermind locally, over the Internet or via telephone conferencing. The key is to meet regularly with a specific purpose in mind. Most masterminds keep the group limited to six to ten people so each person can fully participate and benefit from being heard and understood. There is a commitment to the group and each other, a structure and an agreed way to communicate and stay in touch outside the formal mastermind meeting. 

Choose your fellow mastermind members carefully. These fellow members will be the ones with whom you share your thoughts, hopes and dreams for the future. You’ll also want to find members with varied skill levels – skills you can share with one another. It is important to be comfortable with and enthused about your mastermind group. 

A mastermind group is a team effort and you must be willing to be a team player. The mastermind will only be as productive as the willingness of the members to share and encourage one another toward their goals. 

The there is an unstoppable energy when like minds choose to come together for a common purpose. Think about this famous mastermind – the founding fathers of America came together for a shared purpose and to achieve a common goal and ended up changing history and building a new country. Like minds can create great things!  


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  1. Posted 11/15/2010 at 10:04 pm | Permalink

    Thanks Sharon for your great article! In the masterminds I’ve participated in the past there are four major areas I’ve seen a major improvement in:

    1) Accountability

    When you face challenges building and monetizing your business using WordPress your mastermind group is there. Having one or more people you report to keeps you on the right track!

    2) Synergy

    When two or more people meet consistently they bring the power of their mind together to create a synergy that can only be experiences when following the mastermind principle.

    3) Friendship

    During successful mastermind groups solid friendships are developed. You’ll get to know and see people in a different light and come to understand how to sincerely give and help people succeed.

    4) Higher Profits

    Creating value in the world alone can be done indeed, but if you want to see your profits soar then working with like-minded people within a structured mastermind is what the doctor ordered!