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Your Vision Board is a powerful success tool, especially when you can look at it regularly and actually see with your mind’s eye your goals becoming reality.

Watch my video and then take a look at some of the resources I’ve compiled for you – here’s to your success!

Here’s video 4 in our 4 part series on How To Create A Goals Vision Board:

Additional Resources -

** Computer Generated Vision Boards: 

I’d like to recommend a company called Visualize Your Goals/Orange Peel – I’ve used this company to make the vision board on my own computer for a couple of years – you can even add your favorite music. Here’s a direct link: Visualize Your Goals/Orange Peel


**Articles I’ve written about Vision Boards:

Why Create A Vision Board – A Vision Board is a powerful and effective way to formulate, articulate and clarify your goals. Vision Boards help to picture the who, what, where, why and how of setting and achieving your goals. There’s an unstoppable power of purpose that comes from clearly visualizing the future. Click here to read the entire article –

Vision Boards – Picturing Success – The human mind thinks in pictures. Everday we visualize the world as it is and how we perceive it to be. Vision Boards direct your mental motion pictures toward the positives in life. Think of a Vision Board as your personal storyboard of the wants and goals for the future. Click here to read the entire article –


** Books:

The Vision Board – The Secret To An Extraoridinary Life by Joyce Schwarz – This isn’t just another book about making a vision board; this is a textbook about using vision boards, mission statements, affirmations and visioning to live an extraordinary life.

This book is visually beautiful. Full color illustrations and photographs on every page. It’s also very reader friendly – room for notes, bullet points to help sort through the content, plenty of real-life success stories and well placed side bars of tips and quotations.

It really doesn’t matter if you are a novice or have been creating a vision board for years, this book is a must read. I highly recommend!!! Here’s a direct link to if you’d like to read more or to purchase this book:

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