Using Your Time Wisely

I’m often asked how to use time more wisely. Coaching clients relate how time just seems to slip away and not much seems to get done. Many of us feel like we are working hard but aren’t seeing results for all the time we’re putting in to our work. 

Let me share a few suggestions: 

1. Do you plan your days ahead of time? I know I’m more focused and organized with my time and energy when I have my day planned ahead of time. It is important to be flexible but it is also important to have a plan of action. I like to have my do-to list finished before I begin my workday. Remember too, it is important not to over schedule your day – it can be frustrating to have too much planned and not enough time to accomplish it. 

2. Do you know how to prioritize your activities? Keep the important things important. The most important tasks on your list should be the ones that will make you money and/or make life more comfortable. Whether it is prioritizing your workday list, your chores list or your errands list, it is always more time effective to plan out how to accomplish the most important things first. 

3. Do you chunk out time to complete the tasks you begin? Many of us begin projects and then never seem to find time to finish them. The key to finishing what you begin is to plan, organize and prioritize your time.  Schedule blocks of time so there is enough time to start, work on and finish one project at a time. It is frustrating to have “too many irons in the fire.” It takes self-control to stick with one project until it is completed. 

Here’s what I recommend to my coaching clients: Take a good look at your schedule and begin finding ways to use your time more effectively. It’s all about planning, prioritizing and chunking out quality time.

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