Under Appreciating My Time

The other evening as I was leaving my office, I realized that I often take for granted how much I actual get done in a day. 

Some days as I’m turning out the light at my desk, I wonder where the day has gone and what did I do with all my time. Did I waste an entire day? 

Some weeks I can see the progress because it is obvious. It is obvious in those days when I’ve written a few chapters in my newest book, or the woman’s group I organize has a successful meeting or I conduct great coaching calls. It’s almost as if I have to actual see a major accomplishment before I’ll give myself credit for time well spent. 

I know under appreciating our own time and talents is common. I wonder why I’ve suddenly stopped giving myself credit for my day-to-day accomplishments? 

I realize from personal experience that if I stop appreciating my accomplishments my productivity goes down. I seem to do less because I’m not as motivated. 

Here’s what I’ve decided to do: 

1. Keep a journal of how I actually spend my time. I know that sounds like a lot of additional work, but if I’m not appreciating all that I do then may be it is time to actually document what I’m doing. I’ve decided to have daily calendar pages on my desk so each hour I can write out exactly what I’ve accomplished during the previous hour. 

2. Write my do-to list the night before. A to-do list is a great way to not only organize my day but it will help me focus on keeping the important things important. Trying to keep my to-do list in my head doesn’t work. I’m a visual and I need to see my tasks and goals on paper. I enjoy scratching off the things I’ve finished – it is visual confirmation of all the things I’ve accomplished during the day.

3. I’ve become more realistic about how I schedule my time. I realize that I feel as if I haven’t accomplished much when I “over schedule” my day. When I schedule thirty hours worth of work and expect to accomplish it in an eight hour workday. I’ve made it a point to become more realistic and conscious of “real world” time. Trying to do two days work in one day is emotionally and physically frustrating. 

I’ve decided that I’ve had enough with these time “mind games” and I’m going to appreciate all I do during my day. My time is valuable and I want to fully appreciate its value by honoring my accomplishments. I’ve begun praising myself instead of leaving my office frustrated. I believe when I appreciate my time, I appreciate myself as a worthy and deserving person.

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    Hi, Sharon. You don’t know me, however I just started a website and I posted your review of “Have A Little Faith” on my site. Please take a quick look and let me know if it is OK. I have included the links to your site with your bio as requested. This is my first “Review” and I hope it is OK that I borrowed yours from Ezine. I thought your review was excellent, and fit in with the theme of my site. Good luck, take care and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Laughter and love,

    Rick Fess