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I’ve found from personal experieince that Twitter can be a powerful social networking and marketing tool for growing my business. As with any marketing tool it takes time and effort to develop a successful campaign. Two powerful things to remember: It won’t happen overnight and it does take consistency.

I believe if your business is one in which you can serve people from all over the country and even the world, you’re missing a golden marketing opportunity if you’re not “tweeting.”

Here are a few more Twitter tips I’ve discovered recently:

1. Decide on your target market and make sure “tweets” have key words that will appeal to your ideal client/consumer.

2. Be an active supporter of your followers by “retweeting” and mentioning of their tweets. Be generous with your support and your followers will support you in return.

3. You can have more than one Twitter account – that means you can focus in on more than one target market.

4. Learn from what others are doing so you don’t spend valuable time reinventing the wheel.

5. Use free services such as Tweetdeck, SocialOmmph or HootSuite to help save you some tweeting time and energy.

I’ve found that a key to great social networking is to make your tweets fun and valuable to your target market – before you know it, you’ll be a tweeting pro!

Please remember too, building your social network takes time – be patient and be consistent!


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