Top 20 Work At Home Time Wasters


Have you ever noticed how some day-to-day work habits take you forward in positive and motivating ways, while others turn into time wasters? Let me ask you this: Is your home office a minefield of distraction?

Working from home can be a great experience if you have the “work at home entrepreneurial mindset.” You know, that day-to-day mindset that keeps you focused on moneymaking activities during your “moneymaking” time of your day

Working from home takes skill. It takes skillful organization, self-discipline and a mindset focused on income producing activities. It’s easy for your home office to become a minefield of distraction. A key to successfully and productively working from home is learning to discover your distraction triggers – those things that seem to catch your attention and waste your time.

I’ve developed a nonscientific list of the 20 biggest time wasters (many from my own personal experience) – those things that take time to do but don’t make you money. Dr. Denis Waitley calls them “tension relieving not goal achieving” activities.

Take a minute to read my list (it’s not a time waster) and let me know if you have more to add…

 1. Computer games

2. Watching soap operas / daytime television

3. Checking for new emails every few minutes

4. Connecting to your web browser and getting sidetracked by the latest articles

5. Starting to read an interesting article on the web and getting drawn into clicking on all the related articles

6. Spending too much time on Twitter and Facebook, blogs, forums and message boards

7. Turning a short to-the-point telephone call into a long drawn out conversation

8. Raiding the refrigerator or pantry for snacks or junk food too many times

9. Starting a project and allowing yourself to become sidetracked

10. Making excuses for not working on moneymaking the activities

11. No clear “to do list,” purpose or goal

12. Personal chores or tasks that could and should be done after moneymaking hours

13. Surfing the web looking for the sales and bargains on items that have nothing to do with business

14. Commenting or posting on blogs, message boards or forums that have nothing to do with your business or making money

15. Too many food breaks

16. Not staying focused on keeping the most important thing, the most important thing

17. Playing with the dog or cat

18. Rearranging your desk, file cabinets, bookshelves or piles of paper

19. Reading and answering personal emails during the workday

20. Wasting time hunting for lost supplies, files or important business information

21. (Bonus) Allowing others in your household to make their “right now” needs your “right now” need.

 So, what do you think? What can you add to the list?



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