Tips For Achieving Goals


Achieving your goals begins in your heart and moves its way into reality.

Achieving goals begins in your heart and moves its way into reality. If you are not emotionally and physically committed to achieving your goals, you’ll give up before payday.

Here are a few tips for staying focused on the BIG picture:

1. Analyze your emotional relationship with success – is it positive or negative? What emotions come to mind when you think about your future successes?

2. Do you know what you want? Seriously, have you made the time to write out your definition of success? Have you written a personal and professional mission statement?

3. Do you know what motivates you to succeed? Is it money, recognition, family, security? You’ll only achieve those goals that are truly important to you.

4. Have you set realistic do-to lists and timetables for yourself? Or, do you work so hard and long you burn yourself out?

5. Are you realistic about the stumbling blocks along the way? There will be stumbling blocks and road blocks. Are you emotionally ready to face them head-on?

6. Do you stay positive? Do you fill your mind with positive books, audio materials and people?

7. Who can you look to for inspiration? Is there someone you know who has done what you want to do? Is there a biography you can read?

8. Every step along the way, reward yourself for a job well done. It’s the little pats on the back that can motivate you to the finish line.


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