Thoughts About Achieving Success

I’d like to share a couple of thoughts about achieving success . . .

1. There’s a strong and powerful positive emotional link between enjoying what you are doing and achieving success!

If you unconsciously believe you’re unworthy or undeserving of enjoying yourself and making money at the same time, you’ll sabotage your personal, professional and financial successes. Struggling at a job you despise makes it emotionally and physically difficult to prosper. Struggling day after day can literally make you sick. Isn’t it a steep price to pay in hours, days, months and years of your life for doing things you dislike to do?

Unlimited personal and professional successes begin with inner contentment, joy and happiness. Please remember, each day is valuable time and energy you’ll never be able to retrieve.

Make a commitment to finding and pursuing your life’s mission. Commit to capitalizing on your natural abilities and talents. If you’re not sure what they are, ask yourself these questions:

  • What were the talents I was most often praised for possessing and utilizing as a child?
  • As a hopeful child, what did I want to be when I grew up?
  • As an adult, what hobbies or interests do I pursue that I’m not using in my job/career?

Professional success and personal happiness are deeply rooted in how much you believe you DESERVE to be successful and happy. If you unconsciously don’t believe you deserve to enjoy success, you’ll unconsciously sabotage success.


2. Success means believing you deserve the physical and emotional rewards of achieving.

Let me ask you this: What is the internal picture you have of yourself succeeding?

This picture began in childhood and becomes clearer with age and experience. It’s etched deeply within your unconscious mind. Is this mental picture one that clearly sees you achieving guilt-free success, happiness and unlimited prosperity?

When you picture yourself succeeding, do you picture yourself smiling, happy and content? Or, is the picture one of struggling, conflict and unhappiness? Is success enjoyable or a struggle?

The great news is, you have the POWER to control this internal picture!

Success is about going forward more often then sliding backward and, you can do that. It takes a “doable” step-by-step plan of action, unstoppable belief in your ability to succeed and an ongoing commitment to your personal and professional self-empowerment.

Believe, without a doubt, that you have the POWER to create and enjoy many, many successes!


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