The Power of I Can


We’ve all heard others wistfully say, “I hope I can.” Or, “Maybe it’s possible.” “Or, “I’ll try.” 

To believe without a doubt that the impossible is possible makes the difference between wishing and hoping and actually achieving and succeeding. I’m not talking about irrational pipe dreams; I’m talking about belief in your ability to go for what you want with an unstoppable desire and optimism. 

Frank Lloyd Wright said it best when he said, The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.” 

Here are a few activities to help jump-start your internal belief about success: 

  1. In one quick sentence, write what you believe about your ability to achieve goals and enjoy unlimited success. This glimpse into your success belief system will provide a valuable clue into just how successful you’ll allow yourself to become. 
  2. When it comes to being successful, make a list of what you believe to be true – not just about your success but about success in general. Is the list filled with negatives or positives? 
  3. Over the next week or two, become more aware of how you express your optimism and belief about going for your goals. Are there certain words and phrases you use regularly when you talk about the future? How often do you enthusiastically say, I can or I will? 

The internal belief you have for achieving and succeeding can help you emotionally leap hurdles and overcome obstacles that may seem impossible or insurmountable to others but you know can accomplished. Belief opens your mind to the all possibilities and opportunities.

I’ve found from personal experience that living with disbelief and negativity is like wearing a blindfold blocking out opportunities that are often right in front of you. Belief allows you to see what is possible and gives you the self-confidence and motivation to act upon goals in empowering ways. 

You control your belief system. You have the power to control the words you speak, the thoughts you think and the actions you choose to take. Inside right now, you have the power to believe in success, abundance and prosperity. Do you believe in the power of I can?


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