The Basics of Self Esteem

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Self-esteem is the over-all value you place on yourself as a whole, complete, competent, lovable, intelligent and deserving human being. Self-esteem is the person you really see when you look in the mirror!

Here’s a fast fact about self-esteem: There’s a strong and powerful link between healthy self-esteem and enjoying a successful life.

  • Healthy self-esteem fosters self-motivation and self-confidence.
  • Unhealthy self-esteem breeds self-doubt, self-abuse and self-sabotage.

Without a doubt, healthy self-esteem is an extremely powerful asset to your success potential! If you’re not 100% convinced that you’re worthy, deserving and comfortable with success – you’ll self-sabotage the positives in your life.

Please remember this: Your healthy self-esteem is the backbone of success. The healthier and stronger your self-esteem, the healthier and stronger your success attitude.

With healthy self-esteem, you experience success more often than failure. Success affirms confidence in yourself and abilities. The more confidence you have in your ability to think, learn and analyze wisely, the more self-confidence you’ll have in yourself when faced with life’s challenges.

Unhealthy self-esteem, once it takes hold in your unconscious mind, is like a downward spiral. At any time though, you can choose to stop the downward flow and direct it positively upward.


Here are some activities to help foster your healthy self-esteem:

1. Begin enhancing self-esteem by writing down an entire page of your positive qualities. Fill the whole page with words, phrases and sentences. You’ll spend less time focusing on the negatives when you’re concentrating energy on your strengths.

2. Start acting the way you’d like to see yourself in the future. If you’d like to be more outgoing, start taking social risks. Go places where you’ll meet new people. Once you begin acting more outgoing, you’ll actually become more outgoing.

3. Take out a photo album and look at yourself. Are you smiling? Are your arms folded defensively across your chest? Is your posture slouched? Use the photographs to help see yourself as others see you.

4.  Take a couple of minutes to think back to your most recent accomplishments. What makes you so proud of these accomplishments? What special talents did you use to make these accomplishments reality? Do you use these talents often? Why or why not? If you could have this level of success more often, would it help enhance your self-esteem?

Healthy self-esteem is an important part of a happy and successful life. Healthy self-esteem enables you to thrive in life, not just survive!

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