Taking Yourself Seriously

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Here are four powerful, yet practical, success tips for taking yourself seriously as a successful woman in business.

1. Have you set your short term and long-term goals?
When you look six or twelve months into the future, do you know where you’re headed? Do you know why you’re headed in that direction?

Goals can help you to positively and productively focus on the future. When you have well defined goals, you become more proactive with your time, energy and creativity. Goals help provide a road map to an empowered future.

2. Do you have a reasonable and workable work schedule?
The best use of your time comes when you develop a viable work schedule that works well for both you and your family. A reasonable work schedule is one that allows you to be fully at work when you are at work and, to be fully at home when you are at home. There are only twenty-four hours in a day and taking yourself seriously means knowing how to use your time wisely.

It’s all about being able to chunk out blocks of time so you can seriously “do business.” It’s also about educating your family that they too must take your work time seriously.

3. Do you take yourself seriously by dressing, acting and speaking with professionalism and confidence?
Self-confidence, in business and in life, comes from becoming more secure in yourself and your abilities. Is it time to learn new skills, take a business-building class or attend work related seminars?

Personal and professional self-confidence begins with taking a few positive and empowering steps at a time. Begin by writing out a plan of action for gaining more self-confidence in those areas you find yourself unsure and uncomfortable.

4. Do you believe, without a doubt, in your ability to succeed?
Self-esteem is one of your greatest success tools. Healthy self-esteem begins with the belief you have in yourself as worthy and deserving of personal and professional success. How strong is your success belief system?

I love what Mark Victor Hansen says about doubt, “An ounce of doubt and you’re out.” Remember, the healthier your self-esteem the stronger your belief in yourself and your abilities to succeed.

Taking yourself seriously is about setting empowering goals for the future, working out a reasonable work schedule, developing an unshakable confidence in your professionalism and having an unstoppable belief in yourself as a successful woman in business.


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