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Goals Become Reality When You Believe

Goals become reality when you believe they are real. There are no magic bullets or special powers that can instantly make dreams come true. What it does take is a clear vision of the future, a workable plan of action and an unstoppable commitment to achieving your goals.     © Copyright 2017 SharonMichaels.com – […]

Looking Back at a Few Favorite Posts – Sharon Michaels

Looking back over the last six plus years of writing this blog, I wanted to share a few of my favorite posts…   Does the Law of Attraction Work I’m often asked if the Law of Attraction really works. I’ll throw the question back to you and ask, “What do you believe?” Do you believe […]

Productivity Tips

I posted these recently on my Women Enjoying Success Facebook Page and want to share them with you here… Productivity Tip #1   Productivity Tip #2   Productivity Tip #3   Productivity Tip #4   Productivity Tip #5   Productivity Tip #6   Productivity Tip #7   Here’s to your productive week! ****Most of these […]

Overcoming Professional Disappointment

I wanted to let you know about a recent Women Enjoying Success radio broadcast. On my radio show I share 5 positive ways to overcome professional disappoinment and how to keep going forward in positive and productive ways. I know you’ll want to listen with pen and paper handy. Please, leave us a comment and […]

From So-So To So Success – Book Launch Radio Show

Join Sharon Michaels as she talks about her Kindle ebook From So-So To So Successful: 10 Personal Development Tips For Women In Business. Sharon shares her beliefs about the importance of personal development and reads an excerpt from her book. It’s all about Women Enjoying Success! Here is a direct link to Blog Talk Radio […]

What’s Your Money Mindset?

Join me, Sharon Michaels, as I explain the difference between a wealthy mindset and a mindset that focuses on lack of money. This is one of my favorite Women Enjoying Success broadcasts because I show you how to start and maintain a positive moneymaking mindset that will have you taking the positive actions necessary to […]

Understanding MoneyMaking Activities – Sharon Michaels

Women in business, join executive producer and host Sharon Michaels as she shares 5 tips that will have you understanding how to determine the moneymaking activities that will grow your business from so-so to so successful. Have pen and paper ready because you’re going to want to make notes. It’s all about Women Enjoying Success! […]

Are You Sabotaging Your Business Success?

Join me, Sharon Michaels, as I share 10 ways business women often self-sabotage their careers and successes. These 10 self-sabotaging habits, behaviors and actions are generally so unconscious that we don’t even realize we are doing them. You’ll want pen and paper handy to make notes and write down your “aha’s.” Be sure to turn […]

Staying Motivated – Not Giving Up

Join Sharon Michaels as she shares some great ideas and tips for staying motivated, even when you feel like giving up. You’ll want pen and paper ready to make notes and jot down your “aha’s.” It’s all about Women Enjoying Success! This is one of my favorite radio broadcasts . . . Be sure to […]

Resources To Help Grow Your Business

Here is a list of five favorite business-building resources aimed at helping women entrepreneurs grow a successful business. You’ll find some valuable information on these sites so you’ll probably want to “bookmark” them. 1. Small Business Administration (SBA) – A governmental agency with pages and pages of ready to use materials, resources, success stories and […]