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October 13 Webinar – Overcoming Negativity – Sharon Michaels

***You’ve missed the “live” webinar, but you can still register for the replay of the complete webinar.*** Women in Business – Come join me, Sharon Michaels, for my fast-paced and “real-world FREE webinar Overcoming Negativity – 7 Powerful Habits on Tuesday October 13, 2015. Register to receive a link to watch and listen to the […]

Favorite Words of Wisdom

Sometimes we just need to step back, take a deep breath and remember our favorite pearls of wisdom. Here are five of my favorites: 1. True happiness begins in the heart and works its way out into the world. Happy people share a common “how-to” for happiness: They consciously work to change thoughts of sadness […]

10 Habits and Behaviors That Sabotage Your Success – Webinar

10 Habits and Behaviors That Sabotage Your Success March 17, 2015 Sharon’s FREE Webinar for Women in Business Be sure to turn up your speakers as you watch this short video…   Here’s your direct link to more details and to register: http://sharonmichaels.com/webinars/10-habits-and-behaviors-that-sabotage-your-success   Join author and coach to women in business Sharon Michaels as […]

Promise Yourself – Christian D. Larson

“Promise Yourself To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person you meet. To make all your friends feel that there is something in them To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true. To think only the […]

Look at My Party Held November 17th!

You are cordially invited to take a look at all the fun we had at the Facebook Virtual Book Launch Party for my newest paperback and Kindle book –       21 Days to Living Your Dreams: A step-by-step hands-on approach to achieving your goals and living the life of your dreams. The event […]

Making The Commitment To Your Growth

Have you made an unstoppable commitment to your personal and professional growth and goals? I’m talking the type of commitment that won’t allow you to “quit before payday”? There is a powerful and unstoppable energy that seems to be created as soon as you make a commitment to achieving your personal and professional goals. It’s […]

6 Steps To Ongoing Motivation – Infographic

In this colorful and informative infographic, you’ll find six ongoing steps to help keep you motivated and going positively forward day-to-day. Your ability to stay self-motivated and to keep going forward even when the going gets tough, is what makes the difference between the women in business who “hope” to succeed and the women who […]

Top Ten Tools to Boost Self-Motivation

Keeping yourself going forward when the going gets tough takes skill, willpower and resolve. Here are five of my favorite methods for staying self-motivated and focused on the future: 1. Visualizations and Affirmations – Visualizations guide and direct specific mental motion pictures beyond your conscious, and often limiting beliefs, into “ideal” scenarios. Visualizing is used […]

Self Motivation – Video Success Tip

Here is your 1 Minute Success Tip from Sharon Michaels Self-motivation helps to keep you going through the twists and turns of life, especially when the going get tough. Be sure to turn up your speakers! LinkedTube You can click on the Unlimited Success For Women Ezine headline to subscribe. Copyright © 2010 Sharon Michaels […]