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Facebook Virtual Launch Party – October 16 2016

    Three hour complimentary personal development and business building party with Sharon Michaels, author, coach and mentor to women in business on Sunday October 16, 2016. Sharon is the creator and administrator of the popular Facebook Group and blog Women Who Want To Successfully Work For Themselves. Enjoy fun games, trivia questions, great success […]

Organizing Your Strengths, Gifts and Talents

Knowing how to use your strenegths and natural gifts and talents to create the successes you desire is a powerful success tool. Finding your strenghts is part of finding and living your purpose – you strengths allow you to live out your purpose and maximize your potential for success. Have you made time to recognize […]

6 Steps To Ongoing Motivation – Infographic

In this colorful and informative infographic, you’ll find six ongoing steps to help keep you motivated and going positively forward day-to-day. Your ability to stay self-motivated and to keep going forward even when the going gets tough, is what makes the difference between the women in business who “hope” to succeed and the women who […]

How To Stay Motivated Everyday

Coaching clients often ask how they can maintain their professional motivation day after day, even when things aren’t happening fast enough or going as planned. Here is what I like to suggest: 1. Concentrate and focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. 2. Do at least one moneymaking activity EVERYDAY! 3. Say […]

Do You Ever Just Want To Give Up?

  You can listen and read the text! Be sure your speakers are turned up. Length of audio: 4 minutes 43 seconds We’ve all felt discouraged now and then when things aren’t going right. So, what distinguishes those who may feel discouraged and can still keep going forward from those who give up? It’s really […]