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Etiquette in the 1920′s – How to Behave in a Hotel

We can learn so much from history – this is from the book The Ladies’ Book of Etiquette published in the 1920′s now available in the public domain. In America, where the mania for traveling extends through all classes, from the highest to the lowest, a few hints upon deportment at a hotel will not […]

Beauty In Your Own Backyard

There’s a series of essay’s written in 1910 about the beauty and power of friendship. In this one section the author talks about the friendship we have with “ourselves” – making time to enjoy our own company. He writes about finding the beauty around us instead of feeling the need to travel far away to […]

Financially, We Have Come A Long Way

Here in the United States it is Independence Day weekend and it has me thinking: Many years ago there was a commercial that claimed, “You’ve come a long way baby.” After reading this article, you’ll realize and appreciate that today’s women have truly come a long way toward greater financial independence and freedom. I know too that […]

Imagination In Use

This excerpt is taken from Healthy Life Magazine written in 1913 and still rings true today: “Put yourself in his place” is a very old and respectable recipe for growing justice in one’s conduct, consideration in one’s speech, sympathy in one’s heart. As employer or magistrate, as teacher or nurse, as customer or shopman, as […]

How To Cultivate An Agreeable Speech – 1922

I’m fascinated with what we can learn from the “guide books” that influenced our great grandparents, grandparents and even our parents.  Are we still influenced by Emily Post today? Let me know what you think . . .    ETIQUETTE IN SOCIETY, IN BUSINESS, IN POLITICS AND AT HOME BY EMILY POST (MRS. PRICE POST)  Funk […]

Emily Post’s Etiquette – 1922

You know I love history, especially when it shows us how women were “educated” to act in society and business. The following advice is straight out of Etiquette, by Emily Post published in 1922. This classic book set the standard for how “ladies and gentlemen” were to behave in proper society. Emily Post’s book had been the etiquette gold standard […]

Excerpt from the Girl Scout Handbook – 1926

I believe we can learn so much from what’s been written for young girls and women. Here’s an excerpt from the Girl Scout Handbook printed in 1926:  Household Economics, the great general business and profession of women, if it is raised to the level of the other great businesses and professions, and managed quickly, efficiently […]