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Looking Back at a Few Favorite Posts – Sharon Michaels

Looking back over the last six plus years of writing this blog, I wanted to share a few of my favorite posts…   Does the Law of Attraction Work I’m often asked if the Law of Attraction really works. I’ll throw the question back to you and ask, “What do you believe?” Do you believe […]

What To Say When Introduced – Emily Post – 1922

I love history, especially when it shows us how women were “educated” to act in society and business. The following advice is straight out of Etiquette, by Emily Post published in 1922. This classic book set the standard for how “ladies and gentlemen” were to behave in proper society. Emily Post’s book had been the […]

A Ladies Book of Etiquette – Published in 1860

You know I love to read and share how through history women were expected to act, dress and “behave.” I found this recently and thought it was a good insight into history. The year it was published was 1860. Here is the entire title: THE LADIES’ BOOK OF ETIQUETTE, AND MANUAL OF POLITENESS. A COMPLETE […]

Worry Kills – Orison Swett Marden

Cheerfulness As A Life Power – Published 1899 You know I believe we can learn so much from reading books that were published many, many years ago. Orison Swett Marden wrote several self-improvement books in the late 1800′s through the 1920′s. He is definitely one of the founding “grandfathers” of the modern self-development movement. Enjoy an […]

Your Mind Is A Powerful Success Tool

This story has been around the Internet for a few years and the original author is unknown. I’m posting it because I believe the message is worth sharing. The next time you hear or see an airplane or travel on one, remember where it all started. A simply idea conceived in the minds of two young men who […]

A Girl Scout is Thrifty

Those of you who read my blog regularly know that I love history. I enjoy reading the books, magazines and other materials that helped shape the values and beliefs of our great-grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers.  This excerpt is taken from the Official Girl Scout Handbook published in 1925. These teachings would have influenced my mother, which […]

Excerpt from the Girl Scout Handbook – 1926

I believe we can learn so much from what’s been written for young girls and women. Here’s an excerpt from the Girl Scout Handbook printed in 1926:  Household Economics, the great general business and profession of women, if it is raised to the level of the other great businesses and professions, and managed quickly, efficiently […]

Even More How To Travel – Written 1878

We can learn so much from the past! This is the final installment (part three) of an article written by Susan Anna Brown in 1878. Installments one and two can be found in the “To Share” category. This article was first published in St. Nicholas Magazine for Boys and Girls, Vol. V, August, 1878 HOW TO […]

More How To Travel – Written 1878

Personally I am fascinated by history, especially the history of how we as a society treat one another. When I came across an article written in 1878 on travel I thought it could be interesting. I started reading and realized it was a glimpse into manners and how children were expected to behave in public. I also believe […]