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5 Empowering Ways to Overcome Negativity

Join author, blogger and coach to women in business Sharon Michaels as she shares five empowering ways to overcome negativity. The successful happy person knows how to counteract negativity. You’ll want pen and paper ready to make notes and jot down “aha’s.” It’s all about Women Enjoying Success!   Subscribe to Women Enjoying Success Radio […]

Spotlight Book – How to Give Yourself the POWER to Succeed

Paperback and Kindle: How to Give Yourself the POWER to Succeed: Recognizing the things you’re doing that may be keeping you from the things you want Here’s a link to Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B016COTDXM     Discover How To: _ Understand your Success Tolerance Quotient and how it may be limiting success and happiness _ Find the […]

The Self-Confidence to Come Out of Your Comfort Zone

                    Photo:Freedigitalphotos.net Here’s how I picture a comfort zone – Think of a comfort zone as an emotional boundary within which you feel safe and comfortable. It’s like invisible electrical fencing that has the power to zap you with an emotional shock if you try to […]

Perfectionism Can Destroy Your Healthy Self-Esteem

Perfectionism can destructively chip away at your healthy self-esteem. There is a definite relationship between the need to be perfect and low self-esteem. People who “need” to look at themselves and expect nothing less than perfection with everything they do, are setting themselves up for self-sabotage. ~ Perfectionists believe that if they don’t accomplish everything […]

Healthy Self-Esteem and Money

Healthy self-esteem allows you to thrive financially and not just live paycheck to paycheck. How? By giving you the emotional self-confidence to learn, earn and thrive. Here are three ways to enhance your financial self-confidence as well as your healthy self-esteem: 1. Take your financial self-confidence to the next level – read, learn and grow. […]

Believing You Are The Greatest

A major characteristic separating successful, self-satisfied people from those who are less successful, is positive and healthy self-esteem. Research shows a direct relationship between healthy self-esteem and long lasting success. Why? Unconsciously you are always judging your personal ability to succeed and thrive. Eventually all that judging forms either healthy or unhealthy self-esteem. The unconscious […]

Does Personal Development Work?

The answer is yes! Personal development works when there is an emotional, spiritual and physical commitment to changing the negative habits that are no longer serving you and to consistently work on those strengths that will take you forward in positive, productive ways. Here are a few tips. 1. Do a self-assessment of your day-to-day […]

The Basics of Self Esteem

Self-esteem is the over-all value you place on yourself as a whole, complete, competent, lovable, intelligent and deserving human being. Self-esteem is the person you really see when you look in the mirror! Here’s a fast fact about self-esteem: There’s a strong and powerful link between healthy self-esteem and enjoying a successful life. Healthy self-esteem […]

Positive Self-Concept

A major characteristic separating successful, self-assured, self-satisfied people from those who are not as successful, is their positive self-concept.  Research shows a direct relationship between positive self-concept and long lasting success.  Unconsciously, you are judging and analyzing your own self-worth and ability.  The unconscious mind makes sure you only achieve the level of success consistent […]

No One Can Bring You Self-Esteem!

Self-esteem comes from within your mind, heart and soul. How do you know when you have healthy self-esteem? * Spiritually you have an inner peace. * Emotionally you face life’s problems from a place of empowerment. * Physically you do the things that keep you healthy and fit. * Mentally you keep learning, growing and […]