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Handling Stress – Women and Men Are Different

Stress seems to be an everyday fact of life. Have you noticed how differently men and women handle the stress and stressors in life? Janet Hilts of http://JanetHilts.com and I did an entire broadcast discussing “How To Deal With Stress.” on my radio show Women Enjoying Success. Doing my research for our discussion, I found […]

Can You Think Yourself Sick?

Your mind is a powerful tool! I believe if you think about something long enough, it either begins to happen or suddenly becomes reality. I also believe that you get what you ask for. But, can we make ourselves sick just by our thoughts or attitude? You can listen and read the text! Be sure […]

Women – Taking Care of Ourselves All Day Long

We’re women and that generally means our days are both physically and mentally busy. As we go about our daily personal and professional tasks, most of us rarely make time to step back and take care of ourselves. If we are going to work effectively and have the good health to enjoy it, self-care is […]