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Can You Think Yourself Sick?

Your mind is a powerful tool! I believe if you think about something long enough, it either begins to happen or suddenly becomes reality. I also believe that you get what you ask for. But, can we make ourselves sick just by our thoughts or attitude? You can listen and read the text! Be sure […]

Interesting Health Facts

Did you know. . . * Carbonated drinks (including sparkling water) can dehydrate the skin. * Each foot contains a half-mile’s worth of nerves. * Most of the moisture your lips receive, comes from the products you apply. * Our feet are actually more sensitive and receptive to touch than our hands.  * Your brain’s […]

Ready For A Good Laugh

Not only does a laugh-out-loud belly laugh feel good emotionally, it’s also good for you physically. Laughter has been shown to reduce stress, increase pain tolerance, boost the immune system and exercise nerves in the brain that aren’t ordinarily used. Here are some interesting facts about laughter:  The brain cannot tell the difference between a […]