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A Girl Scout is Thrifty

Those of you who read my blog regularly know that I love history. I enjoy reading the books, magazines and other materials that helped shape the values and beliefs of our great-grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers.  This excerpt is taken from the Official Girl Scout Handbook published in 1925. These teachings would have influenced my mother, which […]

Excerpt from the Girl Scout Handbook – 1926

I believe we can learn so much from what’s been written for young girls and women. Here’s an excerpt from the Girl Scout Handbook printed in 1926:  Household Economics, the great general business and profession of women, if it is raised to the level of the other great businesses and professions, and managed quickly, efficiently […]

A Training School For Womanhood – 1918

Call me crazy but I enjoy reading books and stories written years and years ago. Why? Because I believe they tell us of the perceptions and expectations society had regarding women. These stories were the ones our great-great grandmothers, great-grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers read and heard - and, these were the generations that help to influence how girls and women are perceived today. I find […]

1925 Excerpt From Girl Scout Handbook

The Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts of 1925 is now in the Public Domain. I was reading through it (yes, for fun) and thought I’d share this portion with you. Let me know what you think of this excerpt. In 1832 there was born a little New England girl who would very early in […]