Success Is A Powerful Self-Esteem Booster

I’d like you to think back to a recent success. It doesn’t have to be a huge success but it does need to a success for which you feel a sense of pride. It could be something like cleaning out the closet, finishing a project you may have been putting off or going to a networking meeting to meet new people and promote your business – something for which you feel an inner sense of accomplishment.

Now, take that sense of accomplishment and remember what it felt like to you emotionally. What words would you use to describe how you felt when you experienced this success? Here are some examples: Happy, achievement, confidence, relief, joy, completion, accomplishment, pride, triumph, excited, etc.

I’ve found in my own life that success can be a powerful self-esteem booster. After a success I feel as if I’m more in control of my future and I have a greater sense of self-confidence. I feel good about myself!

When I think of a definition for self-esteem, I see a mirror reflecting back to me what I really feel about myself as a worthy, deserving and competent person. The more emotional and physical “successes” I achieve, the healthier my self-esteem seems to become. The more credit I give myself for being able to achieve a task or a goal, the more confidence I feel in being able to actual accomplish what is important to me personally and professionally.

The healthier my self-esteem, the more I want to accomplish. When I think back to all the sales trainers I’ve heard over the years, they stressed that the best time to go out and make a sale was immediately after you’ve experienced a success. Why? Because emotionally and physically, right after a success is when you’re feeling most confident in your ability to achieve and succeed. It has to do with the human body producing “endorphins.”

Success is a powerful self-esteem booster. A success gives you the emotional self-confidence to expand your comfort zone and go for you goals. Healthy self-esteem means that you believe in your right to take pride in and enjoy the successes you’ve achieved. After a success, mentally and physically you want to experience even more successes.

Let me ask you this, how well do you treat yourself after a success? Do you enjoy the feeling of accomplishment or, do you shrug it off as no big deal. It’s important that we nurture our self-esteem. Are you saying positives things to yourself and do you make the time to appreciate your accomplishments – the small ones and the big ones? I know from my own experiences that success can be a powerful self-esteem booster!

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