Start 2013 on a Money Making Run

Road sign that reads 2013 ahead

Start The New Year Off on a Moneymaking Run!

Every New Year brings new hope, new possibilities and new moneymaking opportunities for yourself and your business. Women in business, I want to show you how to make 2013 your most productive personal and professional year ever!

Give me your focused time and energy and in just 5 weeks I’ll give you a powerful jumpstart to a moneymaking 2013.

Here’s what I have planned:

=> I’m putting together a group of like-minded women women in business who want 2013 to be their best personal and professional year ever!

=> This special group will work together and one-on-one with me from January 7, 2013 to February 10, 2013.

=> Included is: Accountability, MasterMinding and One-on-One coaching with me.

=> There will be an “unofficial kickoff” teleconference on Thursday, January 3, 2013 if you choose to call on that date.

=> All assignments, calls and networking will be done right from the comfort of you home.


I’ve designed this special “event” to be laser-beam focused on how to Start The New Year Off On A Moneymaking Run. I’ll show you as a group and individually how to profitably grow your business in 2013.

This “event” is perfect for the woman who has chosen to successfully work for herself. It’s perfect if you:

  • Are thinking of starting a business
  • Are new to being a business owner
  • Feel stuck in your current business
  • Need a motivating jumpstart
  • Own a home-based business
  • Are in network marketing
  • Own a storefront business

This Mini Mastermind is limited to the first 20 women who register.
I want to make sure you are given the time and attention you deserve. 10 spots remaining!

For all the details and to join us
Here is a direct link:

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