Ready For A Good Laugh

Not only does a laugh-out-loud belly laugh feel good emotionally, it’s also good for you physically. Laughter has been shown to reduce stress, increase pain tolerance, boost the immune system and exercise nerves in the brain that aren’t ordinarily used.

Here are some interesting facts about laughter: 

  • The brain cannot tell the difference between a real and a fake laugh – in other words, you’ll get the same positive benefits from a fake or a real laugh. 
  • It takes more facial muscles to frown than to smile – 13 muscles to smile and 47 muscles to frown.
  • Many people worry that smiling causes wrinkles – you’ll have to smile 250,000 times in order to create a wrinkle.
  • According to the researchers who study laughter (gelotologists)  – there are approximately 18 different types of smiles.
  • On average, we laugh about 17 times a day.
  • Children laugh out of pure joy – the sound of their laughter can instantly brighten a room.

There’s healing power for mind, body and spirit in a good belly laugh – I have just the video to remind you of that. Take a minute to watch this adorable laughing baby:

Couldn’t keep yourself from smiling, could you? Laughter really is contagious!

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