Prosperity Affirmations

Affirmations are short, present tense statements that are alive with positive energy and unshakable conviction and optimism.

Your affirmations should be positive, personalized, easy to understand and remember, and can excitedly form vivid pictures of prosperity in your mind.

 Here are some examples:

~  Money, prosperity and abundance are constantly flowing into my life.

~  I will use my money for my own good and to support the good of others.

~  My mind is filled with many creative and prosperous ideas.

~  My financial worth increases and multiples everyday!

~  I hold the key to my own unlimited and prosperous future.

~  I always have more than enough resources to prosper and thrive.

~ Money is forever circulating freely in my life, and there is always a surplus. 

~ My financial resources increase and expand every day.

~ Money is my friend!

I believe wealth and abundance are both a monetary amount and a state of mind. Affirmations prepare your mind and belief system for wealth, abundance and prosperity.

To benefit fully from your affirmations, read them first thing in the morning, at once in the afternoon and out loud just before bedtime for 21-30 days. Why? Because it generally takes that long to change negatives habits and beliefs into more positive ones.

Place your written affirmations where you can see them during the day. I’ve even recorded my affirmations and listened to them in the car.  Reviewing affirmations just before bed will help your unconscious mind work during the night on finding ways to make abundance, wealth and greater prosperity a reality.

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