Perfectionism Can Destroy Your Healthy Self-Esteem

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Perfectionism can destructively chip away at your healthy self-esteem. There is a definite relationship between the need to be perfect and low self-esteem. People who “need” to look at themselves and expect nothing less than perfection with everything they do, are setting themselves up for self-sabotage.

~ Perfectionists believe that if they don’t accomplish everything perfectly, they must be not good enough.

~ Perfectionists rarely, if ever, allow themselves the thrill of a job well done.
When measuring yourself by what you don’t accomplish rather than by what you do accomplish, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration.

How are you ever going to feel good about yourself if you consistently zero-in on the mistakes? Perfectionism robs you of the personal satisfaction of a job well done.
The need to be perfect quickly leads to a distrust of the ability to judge what’s good and what isn’t. When you can’t trust your own feelings of self-worth, you look to others to define and affirm your self-esteem.

As you continue to allow outside sources to set the standard for your accomplishments, you are chipping away at even more of your healthy self-esteem.

Perfectionism only allows one way to enhance self-esteem — that’s by being perfect.
When a perfectionist believes she isn’t perfect, she feels guilty, frustrated and unhappy. Perfectionism is a never-ending negative cycle of self-abuse.

Striving for perfectionism means never allowing yourself feelings of accomplishment and self-satisfaction. Strive instead to do the best possible job under the current circumstances.

Perfectionism often leads to “catastrophizing.” What is Catastrophizing? It is the negative thought pattern that can make mountains out of molehills. Catastrophizing is a behavioral pattern that will rob you of potential happiness, self-satisfaction and healthy self-esteem.

About 90% of all the negative things you fear, will probably never happen.

Why spend valuable time and energy worrying about things that may never take place?
Worrying about potential problems can get you into more emotional trouble than actually risking and taking action. Constantly worrying about what might happen in the future won’t lead you forward. If you’re not going forward, you’re either going backward or standing still.

When you’re constantly worrying about negative outcomes, do you think your self-esteem suffers? You bet it does! Healthy self-esteem is based on going forward in positive and powerful ways.

Perfectionism and catastrophizing chip away at your self-esteem until you begin doubting yourself and your choices. The positive or negative choices you’re making everyday mold your self-esteem. What have your choices been like lately?


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