Organizing Your Strengths, Gifts and Talents

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Knowing how to use your strenegths and natural gifts and talents to create the successes you desire is a powerful success tool. Finding your strenghts is part of finding and living your purpose – you strengths allow you to live out your purpose and maximize your potential for success. Have you made time to recognize and appreciate your strengths and natural gifts and talents?

Do you truly understand, embrace and appreciate your strengths – the things that you are good at? On the other hand, are you aware of your weaknesses?

Being aware of both your strengths and weaknesses can save you from the frustration and discouragement that can often lead to self-limiting and self-sabotaging behaviors.

Here’s what I suggest:
1. Take advantage of the on-line self-assessment resources available. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator can help you understand your personality type – the strengths and the weaknesses. You can go to and they can direct you where you can take the test – last I saw it was about $150 to take the test and have it read by a certified professional.

cover of book Strength Finders 2.02. I highly recommend the book Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath. You can find it on or at your local bookstore. This book is designed to help you identify “your natural talents.” This book directs you to an online questionnaire that gives you instant results. It provides an understanding to your stronger qualities. Thus, allowing you to focus your attention on your strengths and enhance your career or life by utilizing these positives.

3. Sit down and do some soul-searching and be totally honest with yourself. Write down what you truly believe are your strengths and weaknesses. As you’re doing this, be aware of any negative emotions – that’s a clue that you may be hitting on some emotional or negative baggage. Make a list of how each strength can advance your business success and personal goals – in other words, acknowledge how your strengths can work for you. Then, make a list of how each weakness can work against your achieving success personally and professionally. Decide if you are willing to work on the weaknesses so they can become either neutralized or become a success-building strength.

4. Align yourself with people whose strengths and weaknesses are different from yours. For example: If you’re insecure about meeting new people, surround yourself with extroverts who enjoying going places and meeting new people. That’s one reason I love MasterMind groups – it is a great way to shore up your weaknesses and lend you encouraging support.

It is never too late to find and embrace your natural talents and strengths!
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