No One Can Bring You Self-Esteem!


Self-esteem comes from within your mind, heart and soul.

How do you know when you have healthy self-esteem?

* Spiritually you have an inner peace.

* Emotionally you face life’s problems from a place of empowerment.

* Physically you do the things that keep you healthy and fit.

* Mentally you keep learning, growing and experiencing those things that keep you going forward in positive ways.

Unhealthy self-esteem keeps you doubting, off-balance, wistful and distrustful.

Some traits of unhealthy self-esteem: Tired and drained, overly sensitive, emotionally distraught, victimized, unpleasant and moody, easily influenced by others, feelings of inferiority, often angry and hostile.

Healthy self-esteem is emotionally powerful and strong.

Some traits of healthy self-esteem: An abundance of energy, accepts constructive suggestions, controls emotions, in control of goals, a friendly person, knows who they are and where they are going, self-confident and in control of their temper.

The depth and breadth of your emotional strength is the foundation for all of life’s successes.  The healthier your self-esteem, the less likely you are to sabotage happiness and success.

What have you done lately to enhance, energize and revitalize your healthy self-esteem?

 Excerpt from Sharon’s best-selling book

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