Making Wise Choices


How well you’re living your life is a direct result of the day-to-day choices you’re making. 

Simply put – the wiser the choices, the more empowered your life.

So, how do you make wise choices?

Here are some steps and suggestions that may help:

1. Make your choices based on your core values and beliefs. Don’t try to do something you truly believe is wrong for you or your loved ones. Know what’s important for you physically, emotionally and spiritually and refuse to compromise your integrity. Listen to your inner values and beliefs.

2. Know what you want and why you want it. Stay focused on what’s important for achieving your goals. If your “why” is big enough, you’ll make the wise choices that will keep you going forward. You’ll have the self-confidence to know what is best now and into the future.

3. Listen to your instincts. Instincts can play an important role in wise decision-making. Listen to the physical signs – stomach aches, headaches, procrastination – they may be giving you valuable clues. Listen to the emotional signs – nagging feelings of uncertainty or restlessness – your emotions are telling you something powerful.

4. Eliminate self-doubt. List the pros and cons of the decision and then trust your judgment. Learn from the past and head positively forward.

5. Be in the here and now. Face the facts and form a plan. Know what you can change and what you can’t change. Start today to go forward.

How have your choices been lately? You have the power to make wise choices!


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