June’s Ups and Downs

My Dad in Life Magazine about 1941-42

We all have our emotional ups and downs – that’s life. The key is what we choose to do when the “down” days hit us hard. When we can’t seem to do the things that we know we should be doing or even those things we really enjoy doing. 

I’m not talking about depression; I’m talking about what my Grandma used to call the “doldrums.” When you don’t feel bad – you just don’t feel good. If you’ve ever been there, you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

June was one of those months for me – I think I was in the doldrums. I’d have spurts of energy and then it was gone. I felt worn out by 1:00 in the afternoon. I couldn’t find my creativity. I was functioning but I wasn’t my normal enthused self. I felt just plain tired! It was as if I was emotionally exhausted. 

I write a lot on the subject of self-sabotaging success. I looked carefully to see if that could have been the reason. After all, May had been one of the best months for my coaching and writing business. So during June was I feeling unworthy and undeserving? 

July is feeling great – I have energy, I’ve written six new articles and it is only the 5th of the month, I have all my Blog Talk Radio Women Enjoying Success broadcasts organized for the coming month and my Ezine is ready to go for the next week. I feel like I’m “back.” But, where did I go? 

When I look back at June, I realize I spent the majority of my time cleaning out the clutter. I cleaned out the closet of old clothes, the file cabinet of old and sometimes sad papers and, I cleared away old things that I’d been saving and no longer needed. Why I held on to them in the first place for so long I don’t really know.

It’s coming clearer – I’m going to the next positive phase in my life and in order to do that, I have to let go of some of the “baggage” of the past. It’s like a passage in life – clear out the clutter so I can invite in the new. It’s not always easy to let go of the past because it is so familiar. But honestly, what I threw away and let go of emotionally was no longer serving me today. Logically I know that, emotionally it doesn’t always come that easy. 

As I cleared out the closets, file cabinets and drawers I honored the past. I saved what had positive sentimental value to me. I safely tucked away a picture of my father in Life Magazine during  World War II, an old address book written in my mom’s handwriting, my great grandmother’s wedding ring and some other sentimental items. It’s time to make peace with past and go positively forward. I’ve decided to honor the past and head toward a future that I’m now creating. May be this is the first time in my life I’ve had the freedom to do that. 

It’s not always easy to change but there are times when it is necessary. I understand my doldrums a little better now – it’s like a right of passage for my soul. Honor the past so I can go forward. Just writing this I feel lighter and more optimistic. Thank you for listening.

P.S. I just this minute received an email from Amazon.com with the subject line: Happiness Is Here. The email contains a list of seven “On The Bright Side Books.” Okay universe, I hear you and I’m taking it to heart!

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