Is It Worth Setting Goals?

During coaching sessions I’m often ask if it’s really worth setting goals. Is it worth getting our hopes up just to be disappointed if we don’t achieve our business goals?

Let me ask you this:
· What would your professional life be like if you didn’t get your hopes up?
· What if you didn’t have your goals to aim toward?
· How would you know where you’re going if you don’t have a clear picture of what you want to achieve?

Why are so many businesswomen reluctant to set goals?

I believe it’s fear – fear of disappointment. In all honesty, fear of disappointment can be a major stumbling block to going for your goals and living out an empowered and successful future.

What is the emotion of disappointment? Disappointment: The emotion felt when a strongly held expectation is not met.

What makes fear of disappointment such a powerful emotion? So powerful in fact, it can prevent many of us ambitious entrepreneurs from going for our goals?

Here’s my theory: Most of us grew up believing that the end result was more important than the journey. The big “payoff” was all that mattered. Yes, achieving our business goals is important after all, that’s why we set them. In my opinion, just as important as actually achieving our goals are the valuable experiences and lessons we learn along the journey.

It’s the journey we go on that helps us become more knowledgeable, worldly and wise about business and life. Experience teaches us how to better pick and choose what is important physically, emotionally and financially to us professionally and personally.

What if getting your hopes up and going for your goals could give you -
·Greater self-confidence
·Purpose and direction
·A vision for the future
·Motivation to succeed and,
·A sense of accomplishment, would you be more willing to risk some disappointment now and then?

My advice: Go for your goals and learn the lessons. Honestly, experience truly is the best teacher. Your business can be fuller, richer and more satisfying when you go for your goals. It’s not just the “big payoff” that is so exciting, it’s also the experience gained along the way.

This quotation from American civil rights legend Rosa Parks sums it up best: “I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear.”


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