Imagination In Use

This excerpt is taken from Healthy Life Magazine written in 1913 and still rings true today:

“Put yourself in his place” is a very old and respectable recipe for growing justice in one’s conduct, consideration in one’s speech, sympathy in one’s heart.

As employer or magistrate,
as teacher or nurse,
as customer or shopman,
as parent or husband or child . . .

we must all deal somehow with our fellow-men: honestly, truthfully, kindly and helpfully.

But is it not the more or the less of our imagination that makes such dealings possible?

Without it, we are cruel because of something we do not feel, unjust because there is something we do not know, unwittingly deceitful because there is something we do not understand.

With it, our justice will support, our kindness uplift, our attempt at help will not be barren, but will awake response and raise the whole level of our human interaction into a region of higher possibilities.

Wouldn’t you agree these words still ring true today?

I’d like to recommend:
Is it time to expand your comfort zone, make some “ideal” changes in your life and expand your imagination?

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