If Success Was So Easy, Everyone Would Be One!


Ninety nine percent of succeeding is going forward even when no one else wants to begin the journey. If I told you the road to the top of the highest mountain peak was narrow, full of twists and turns with no guard rails and only partially paved – would you go? Does fear of the unknown stop you or does the excitement of the view from the top motivate you? 

Self-motivation comes from understanding what excites you enough to keep you going forward when the going gets tough. The key to achieving greatness and earning unlimited prosperity is being so determined to get what you want, that you refuse to turn back or give up, no matter how many twists and turns. 

Some super achievers are motivated by fear of loss and some by the pleasure of reward. What motivates you? Do you work better under pressure when a deadline is looming and you have to finish NOW or the entire project is lost? Or, do you work better knowing that if you finish the project on time you’ll be rwarded with a job promotion or monetary bonus? Knowing your inner motivators is important because it means knowing how to tap into what triggers your desire to succeed  – without giving up or losing interest. 

Self-motivation is a POWERFUL success tool! Become more aware of your success style and your inner motivators and use them to navigate the narrow twists and turns of life. Success is knowing what to do so you don’t give up one twist and turn from the top!


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