How To Work Less and Make More Money Webinar

How To Work Less and Make More Money

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Join me Thursday September 13, 2012

for this “hands-on” webinar!

Join me, Sharon Michaels, on Thursday September 13th and I’ll share with you my success strategies for earning more money in less time. Here’s a clue: It’s all about working smarter and not harder!

Here’s what I’ll be sharing during this step-by-step How To Work Less and Make More Money webinar/teleconference:

** Tightly chunk your time so you can do more in less time
** Set a “doable” work schedule and regularly stick with it
** Stay focused on the activities that produce the greatest results
** Be consistently productive with your work hours
** Be a doer and not a dabbler
** Begin each workday with passion and purpose
** Work each hour more effectively and efficiently
** Be in control of your time and not allow time to control you!

In other words, this webinar/teleconference will prove to be a very smart use of your time!

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