How To Prosper In 2010


According to Merriam-Webster Online, prosper means “cause to succeed.” Most of us think of the word prosper in terms of finances and money but it truly encompasses the ability to succeed personally and professionally. 

Here are my ten stepping-stones to greater personal and professional prosperity in 2010. 

1. Set personal and professional goals.

Goals are extremely important! If you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to know when you’ve gotten there? 

Well thought out and well written goals can prove to be a powerful personal and professional success tool. Goals are specific and measurable. They give you a time frame for getting from where you are now to where you’ll be heading in the coming weeks, months and years.


 2. Make friends with money.

Many of us have a love – hate relationship with making money, saving money and enjoying money. I know it doesn’t sound logical but many of us have unconsciously made financial satisfaction an emotional struggle. 

Locked tightly within the deepest levels of the unconscious mind are many powerful and emotionally charged “money” values. These emotionally charged values guide your day-to-day financial decisions and actions. Want more money in 2010? Learn to recognize and acknowledge your personal money values – these are the guiding principles in which you have an emotional investment.


 3. Make friends with yourself.

Self-development is about making a life-long commitment to finding and using those self-empowering skills that will foster and encourage personal and professional greatness. 

Here’s my philosophy: If I’m not going forward in positive ways, I’m either going backward or stuck in a rut. A commitment to your self-development allows you to develop your true self. The only “true” limitations are the ones you’re placing on yourself.


4. Smile.

I’ve revamped my personal philosophy for 2010. It’s called my does it make me smile view of life. I’ve made a conscious choice to smile more often, laugh at even the silliest jokes and appreciate the natural beauty around me. Life’s too short to be sad, mad and ungrateful.


5. Learn new skills that will keep you going positively forward.

I believe that learning and growing personally and professionally is ongoing throughout our lives. Learning doesn’t stop with a high school or college diploma – true learning is life-long. 

The person who is consistently learning new skills and expanding their educational comfort zone, is the person who is achieving goals and making their dreams for the future a reality. 


6. Stretch yourself to be bigger, bolder and better.

Expand your comfort zone in 2010. Learn, grow and go for your goals. There may be some emotional discomfort with stretching and growing and as this temporary discomfort of growth becomes comfortable, you’re developing a new and expanded comfort zone. Keep telling yourself that change begins one small positive step at a time.


7. Make friends with like-minded and successful people.

Alton Barbour said, “Flocking together creates birds of a feather.”  Like attracts like. Successful people just seem to know how to attract other like-minded success oriented people. Have you ever noticed that when you’re upbeat and positive, you don’t want to be around negative dream stealers? 


8. Analyze your day-to-day habits and build on the positive ones.

Ongoing personal and professional development takes work! There is an emotional, spiritual and physical commitment to changing the negative habits that are no longer serving you and to consistently work on those strengths that will take you forward in positive, productive ways. 

Building on your positive traits is about developing yourself in positive, nurturing and empowering ways. Building on your strengths starts one positive step at a time.


9. Focus time, energy and money on those things that are important to your health, happiness and wealth.

Some people call it perspective, some call it conceptualizing and some see it as visualizing – it all boils down to the same thing, learning to stay focused on the future. It’s important to stay focused on the BIG picture and consistently do those things that foster health, happiness and wealth. 


10. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can conquer today!

Your future begins with the first, second and third steps you consistently take toward your goals. Take the leap of faith and go for it – what do you have to lose? Remember, if you keep doing what you are doing, you’re going to keep getting what you currently have.

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