How To Keep Going When It Gets Tough

Here are five ways to stay the course and keep going forward when the going gets tough.

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Have you ever gotten discouraged when things were not happening fast enough?

I know from personal experience that it’s easy to get discouraged when “life” isn’t going the way you thought it would or had hoped it could. Discouragement and self-doubt can set in and soon, what seemed so hopeful can begin to feel so hopeless. The negative self-talk begins and before you know it, you’re feeling down and ready to give up.

Whether it is personal or professional discouragement it takes the same discipline and mindset to keep going forward in positive and productive ways. Not allowing the negative self-talk and “real-world” disappointment to take over your life and thoughts, takes inner strength and unstoppable self-discipline.

Here are five ways to stay the course and keep going forward when the going gets tough:

1. Take a break.
There are times when we need to step back and look at the whole picture. There are also times when we just need to clear our mind and listen to the silence.

If a vacation or a “staycation” is not feasible right now, then set aside a whole day to find peace and quiet. Go for a long drive or walk, set in a park and surround yourself with beauty or set in your living room with soothing music and just listen to and write down your thoughts. I’m a believer in asking empowering questions and expecting empowering answers.

Activity: On a sheet of paper, write your disappointment or frustration. Turn that disappointment into an empowering question. Example: How many ways will I create $10,000 or more in new business within the next two months? After you’ve written your question, get up and go for a walk or take a nap. Then in an hour or so, sit down and list all the ideas that come to mind. In that random list of ideas is a workable solution.


2. Re-examine your goals.
Have your goals changed? Goals aren’t etched in stone. When what you are aiming toward is no longer feasible or attractive to you, then it may be time to change direction.
Are your current goals bringing you the results you expected? Are you going positively forward each day feeling enthused and excited?

Activity: Take out your goals and make a list of all the progress you’ve made. Are you satisfied with what you’ve done? Do you still want to achieve the goals written on that paper? Think carefully about these questions and answer them honestly with your first “gut” instinct and you’ll know if it is time to change or modify your goals.


3. Revisit your success habits and strategies.
Often, you aren’t making progress because are day-to-day habits don’t encourage success. Sure, you do a lot during the day but is what you’re doing geared toward achieving your goals or is it mostly wasting time? Have you taken a good hard look at how you’re spending your time?

Activity: For one week, keep an hour-by-hour journal of what you are doing with your time. Do you use your time wisely? Are your habits encouraging success or wasting time? At the end of the week, analyze your days. Ask yourself, if I worked for a boss who paid me $100,000 a year, would she be getting her money’s worth?


4. Analyze your day-to-day and hour-to-hour self-talk.
How you communicate with yourself, is a reflection of how you are living your life. If you talked to your best friend the way you talk to yourself, would she still want to be your friend? Consistent negativity can and will break your spirit and chip away at your self-esteem.

Activity: Become consciously more aware of the actual words you are saying to yourself when something goes right and when something goes wrong. When you realize you’ve thought or said something negative catch yourself and say, “That’s not like me.” Change the negative self-talk into words that are more empowering and encouraging.


5. Be gentle with yourself but don’t wallow in negativity.
“Stuff” happens. Not everything is going to go as planned. Beating yourself up and berating yourself isn’t going to make things better, in fact it often makes things worse. Be good to yourself. Treat yourself with dignity and respect.

Activity: Ask yourself – What could I have done differently given your current situation? Are there some valuable lessons can I take from the past? Today, right now, how can I change what isn’t working into something more positive? What can I do find the positives in the current situation?

Let me ask you this – Are you willing to take positive action? You have choices, you can allow yourself to become discouraged or, you can take positive action. You have negative and positive choices with your current situation and with your life. What will you choose to do?

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