How Do You Handle Change?

Change is inevitable – our lives change minute-to-minute, hour-to-hour and day-to-day. The ability to handle change in positive and productive ways can often make the difference between positive outcomes and disappointment. Let me ask you this: How do you handle change – both the little ones and the big ones? 

When faced with change, here are a few suggestions that have helped me to go forward in positive ways: 

1. Creativity – It’s how you look at a challenge that can make the difference between growing and learning and wallowing in worry and negativity. Creative people seem to embrace change as a way to think out of the box and come out of their comfort zone. Without creativity, change can seem more frightening and uncertain. 

2. Optimism – Are you a person who sees the glass of opportunity as half full or half empty? The person who can see the positives of changing, learning and growing, is the person who is more open and receptive to success. Optimism is a powerful success tool. 

3. Sense of humor – The ability to see the bright side means giving yourself the resources to go forward with hope and faith. Humor and laughter can diffuse a negative situation by opening your mind and heart to greater possibility and creativity.

4. Self-confidence – Knowing that you can handle whatever life sends your way can keep you going positively forward no matter how tough the situation. This positive and optimistic inner knowing can enable you to overcome obstacles intelligently and assertively. The more you believe in yourself and your ability to thrive, the more excited you are to face and grow with life’s changes. 

5. Seeing the “big” picture clearly – The person who knows where they are going today, tomorrow and next year, is the person who can handle change with greater self-confidence. When you have the “big” picture clearly formed in your mind, changes can and will be handled thoughtfully and creatively. When you know where you’re going and how you intend to get there, you’ll be able to handle the distractions more confidently and professionally. 

6. Building on your inner strengths – When you truly understand and believe in your inner strengths and motivators, you’re able to handle change with greater self-confidence. Knowing you can adapt and thrive during life’s changes increases the belief that you can and will succeed in the days to come. 

7. Taking a look at where you are now – Sometimes change provides the perfect opportunity to look long and hard at where you are now and where you can be in the future. Is the change you’re currently facing a wakeup call to review and analyze your current lifestyle or goals? Is it time to revisit your vision for the future? 

Think about this: How do you embrace change? Is it an opportunity to learn and grow or, one that frightens and discourages you? Change can offer the perfect opportunity to embrace life and go forward in whole new and positive directions. 

I’ll leave you with this quotation: “Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights.” Pauline R. Kezer

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