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First selection of our monthly Book Club: Have A Little Faith by Mitch Albom

Mitch Albom has written another great story! It is a true story of two men of faith so different in lifestyles, yet so alike in spirit. I can see why Have A Little Faith – A True Story is a best seller. It is a well told story of two grateful, loving men of the cloth whose faith inspire us to have faith in ourselves and in others.

This is a powerful little book about personal transformation and self-development – about finding your own personal faith.

Mitch Albom knows how to tell a good story! I’ve read Tuesday’s With Morrie and few of his other books and am always drawn into the story. I went into reading this book wondering if he could equal the emotional impact that Tuesday’s With Morrie had on me and, he did. I am amazed how easily and effortlessly the author weaves practical, yet powerful, life lessons through out a well-written story.

Have A Little Faith is the true story of two devoted men of faith, one a rabbi and one a pastor. Asked by the rabbi to give his eulogy, the author embarks on an eight-year journey of inner discovery and spiritual growth. Mitch Albom takes the reader along on the discovery process as he learns about the power of faith, belief, gratitude and compassion.

The overall tone of this book is one of self-discovery. Have A Little Faith doesn’t shove lessons of religion down the throat of the reader; it allows us to share the author’s discoveries about his own faith and beliefs. In some ways, it is almost like reading a personal journal.

Here is what Mitch Albom discovered:
The aging rabbi embraced his faith as a youth. It was his calling and his life’s purpose.

The African-American pastor embraced his faith out of desperation and fear. It was his salvation that became his life’s purpose.

Both men were filled with faith, hope and love. Both men became role models to the faithful that followed their lead. Both men lived their faith day-to-day. Both men believed in the power of miracles.

The overall message shared by both of these seemingly polar opposite men of faith: Live in gratitude.

Here is what I discovered:
I have to admit that I cried in some spots and smiled in some others. Throughout the book I began to think about my own faith – the faith I have in myself, in others and in a higher being. I know it is a good book when it makes me think!

Book reviewed: Have A Little Faith: A True Story by Mitch Albom.
Publisher: Hyperion
Currently available only in Hardcover – Paperback expected March, 2011.

That’s what I think, let me know what you think of this book.

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