Happy People


Here’s what I’ve discovered: Happy people smile more often, are able to handle change more readily and enjoy living life to the fullest. Day-to-day, happy people live life with gusto!

So, what do happy people seem know that the rest of us sometimes forget?

Consistently happy people:

  • Know that good enough is always good enough – everything doesn’t have to be perfect.
  • Know that admitting there is a problem or a challenge is the first step to changing and/or resolving it.
  • Know that possessions do not equal happiness.
  • Know that relaxation is essential to well being.
  • Know that the only person they can control is them self.
  • Know they are not responsible for the happiness of others.
  • Know that gratitude is a powerful emotion.
  • Know that happiness doesn’t mean you have a trouble-free life – it means you’ve learned how to positively adjust to the everyday twists and turns.

I believe that happiness is a choice! What will you choose to do today to enhance your happiness? What will make you smile?


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