Happy Healthy Self-Esteem

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You’ll only achieve what your healthy or unhealthy self-esteem allows you to achieve. 

Healthy self-esteem is the backbone of achievement. The health of your self-esteem determines the level of success. Unconsciously, you will succeed only to the highest (or lowest) expectations you set for yourself. 

Hundreds of times each day, you’re placing actions and thoughts under a powerful magnifying glass, choosing to magnify either the negative or the positive. Self-esteem monitors and judges all behavior. 

The healthier the self-esteem, the more productive and positive the behaviors. Self-esteem is the over-all value you place on yourself as whole and complete person. It’s an emotional score card calculating the pluses and minuses. 

The healthier your self-esteem, the more pluses on that scorecard. Every plus on the scorecard increases your ability to make wise decisions. Pluses reinforce the self-confidence needed to take action from a position of empowerment and strength and not desperation or weakness. 

When the negatives in life have more power over attitudes and choices, unhealthy self-esteem begins to dominate your life. You begin nurturing healthy self-esteem by consistently overcoming the negatives and taking positive action. 

With healthy self-esteem, you experience success more often than failure. Success affirms confidence in yourself and abilities. The more confidence you have in your ability to think, learn and analyze wisely, the more self-confidence you’ll have in yourself when faced with life’s challenges. 

Unhealthy self-esteem, once it takes hold in your unconscious mind, is like a downward spiral. At any time though, you can choose to stop the downward flow and direct it positively upward. 

Here are some activities to help build your healthy self-esteem: 

1. Begin enhancing self-esteem by writing down an entire page of your positive qualities. Fill the whole page with words, phrases and sentences. You’ll spend less time focusing on the negatives when you’re concentrating energy on your strengths. 

2. Start acting the way you’d like to see yourself in the future. If you’d like to be more outgoing, start taking social risks. Go places where you’ll meet new people. Once you begin acting more outgoing, you’ll actually become more outgoing. 

3. Take out a photo album and look at yourself. Are you smiling? Are your arms folded defensively across your chest? Is your posture slouched? Use the photographs to help see yourself as others see you. 

Healthy self-esteem enables you to thrive in your life, not just survive!
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