Going For Your Dreams


Allowing yourself the luxury of dreaming of an ideal future is one of the most exciting aspects of setting goals. For many of us, allowing our imaginations to run wild and dream BIG is difficult and in fact, for some it is downright uncomfortable. 

As children using our imaginations didn’t take a plan or effort, it just happened. As an adult most of us have trained ourselves to be practical, pragmatic and realistic. 

Adult dreams are now called “goals.” Goals are simply your hopes, dreams and plans written out on paper. Each goal begins with a vivid dream of what you want to achieve in the future. 

Here’s my step-by-step plan for turning dreams into reality: 

1. Decide what you want. Sounds simple enough but this may be the most difficult step of all. Dream BIG – stretch out of your comfort zone and go for what you really want to have, be and achieve. Spending the summer in a home on the ocean? Living in the mountains? Getting a college degree? Becoming a millionaire? What do you really want? 

2. Put your dream in writing. I know, it doesn’t sound very childlike to put your dream in writing but this is an important step toward achieving your goal. Make some quiet quality time for this activity. The key is to write your dream in as much vivid detail as possible. Close your eyes and picture your dream goal. Smell the smells, hear the sounds, see the details, feel the emotion and excitement of fully living your dream – make your dream become vibrantly alive on paper. 

3. Write an affirmation. An affirmation is a short present-tense statement stating your dream as if it is already reality. Keep your affirmation near so you can read it often throughout the day. Example: “I, Sharon Michaels, happily spend each June – September in my 1,500 square foot home on Lake Wobegone with family and friends.” As I write and repeat my affirmation, I feel the excitement and pleasure of being at my lake home for the summer.

4. Create a detailed visualization. Now you are making your dream into a mental motion picture. This is where you begin to truly tap into that child-like ability to dream of the future with no limitations on what can and cannot be accomplished. A visualization is about taking the vivid dream you created in activity #1 and making it come vividly to life. You may want to read your vivid description into a recorder – read and record with passion, excitement and enthusiasm. Now, get comfortable and close your eyes. Play back your recording and actually place yourself in the visualization – feel the ground, see the sky, hear the birds. Why is there power in visualizing? You are actually mentally and emotionally living out your dream as if it were already reality. 

5. Create a vision board. It is cut and paste time! A vision board takes steps 1 – 4 and gives them a tangible form. Begin collecting pictures, words, symbols and anything else that represents your dream. Purchase a foam poster board and begin pasting your dream on your vision board. A vision board is a tangible and visible representation of your dream. When it is finished, place it where you’ll see it often. 

Affirmations, visualizations and vision boards work together to ignite your inner motivators – the motivators that will keep you going if/when the going gets rough. 

6. Create a plan. This is where the rubber meets the road – where your realistic side combines with your child-like dream side. You’ll be writing a step-by-step plan for making your dream reality. With you dream on paper, in your visualization and on your vision board, it should be easy to form a plan of action. Start at the beginning and list all the steps it will take day-by-day, week-by-week and month-by-month to keep you going toward your future. A well thought out plan of action will keep you heading forward in positive and consistent ways. 

7. Believe in yourself and your dream! Feeling, believing and knowing that you are worthy and deserving of achieving and living your dream is vital to making your ideal future a reality. Your belief must to unshakeable and unstoppable. When your belief is strong and unwavering, you are emotionally protected from the dream stealers and naysayers. Your mental and emotional strength is extremely important to achieving and enjoying that dream you’ve created in your visualization. 

8. Take positive and consistent action. This last step is vital – without action, a dream is just a hope. Action takes your dream, turns it into a goal and helps it become reality. It’s your unwavering commitment to taking action that can make the difference between wishing for something to happen and making something happen. 

Everyday you’re making choices about your future. What have your choices been like lately? Are you choosing to allow yourself the luxury of dreaming BIG? I’ve learned to go for my dreams and why not, what do I have to lose!


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