Does The Law of Attraction Work


I’m often asked if the Law of Attraction really works. I’ll throw the question back to you and ask, “What do you believe?” Do you believe you attract negative and positive things, people and circumstances into your life by the energy you’re sending out into the universe? Here’s what I believe.

In my opinion there are three main components to attracting things, people and circumstances into your life:

1. A consistent level of conscious thought,

2. Believing something will happen,

3. Taking some type of action.


Let’s look at each element -

1. Consistent level of conscious thought can be in the form of anxiety, worrying, visualizing, positive affirmations, a vision/dream board or goal setting. Powerful thoughts are negative or positive thoughts that are consistent and ongoing.

 2. Belief means that you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, something is going to become reality.

3. Action can be physical or mental or both. Physical actions are actions such as making a phone call, creating a vision board or making a solid decision. Emotional actions can be worrying and creating worse case scenarios in your mind, visualizing a positive outcome or affirming the positives of success.


Let me share a an example of the Law of Attraction in action -

Amy is a BIG believer in visioning the future. She is a student of visualizing, affirmations and goal setting. She also has two small children and a business she works from home. It had gotten to the point where in order to stay at home with her children she knew she needed to bring in some additional income while her new business was getting off the ground.

Amy read about a contest to submit a photo of your favorite “mom job.” Amy did better than one photo – she did an entire collage about a typical day in the life of a mom. She sent a photo of her collage as her entry.

Every day Amy visualized winning the $135,000 first prize. She spoke confidently to others about winning the grand prize. In fact, Amy will tell you that she had absolutely no doubt she’d won the money – she was absolutely positive.

Well, what do you think happened? You’re right. Amy won the contest! Could it have been the Law of Attraction in action?

You can read Amy’s story at:


Sometimes the things we attract seem to be just luck and sometimes they seem to be out of absolute willpower. One thing I know for sure, our mind and belief systems are powerful so we should use them wisely. Focus on attracting what you want in life, not what you don’t want.

Do you believe the Law of Attraction works?

Do you have any stories you’d like to share?

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