Do You Ever Just Want To Give Up?


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We’ve all felt discouraged now and then when things aren’t going right. So, what distinguishes those who may feel discouraged and can still keep going forward from those who give up? It’s really quite simple, the people moving forward have learned how to tap into their powerful inner motivators. 

Personally, I think about inner motivation this way: It is the ability to do what you want to do without having to use external or outside incentives or rewards. Here’s an example: You’ve decided to get up each morning at 5:00 AM to walk a mile before going to work. Inner motivation comes from feeling invigorated from walking in the crisp fresh air. External motivation may come from weighing in that evening at the gym and knowing your weight will be on display for all to see. 

As you can see, both can be powerful motivators. During a typical workday, I find myself tapping into both my inner and external motivators. But when it comes down to what can truly keep me going forward in positive and productive ways, it is having an understanding of what I want to achieve and how I want to accomplish it. I find my inner motivation is more powerful for me than external praise or recognition – although praise and recognition is nice too. 

Here are a few tips for tapping into your own inner motivators: 

1. Set personally meaningful goals – goals that mean something distinctive to you. Great goals are the ones that are written from both the mind and the heart. 

2. Inner motivation comes from wanting to learn more, be more and have more. When you have a curiosity about how to improve your life, you’re generally more motivated to take consistent and positive action more often. 

3. Proactive people are more in tune with their inner motivators. Wanting to be more in control of our own destiny and not constantly reactive to what is happening around us, is often a powerful inner motivator. 

4. Visualizing a positive outcome can often stimulate inner motivation. Your subconscious mind will work very hard to give you what you want – visualization is one way to see a positive future as if it were already reality.

5. Being part of something bigger than yourself can be extremely motivating. A sense of community and cooperation to achieve a team, family or community goal can inspire and ignite inner motivation. 

Have you analyzed how you tap into your inner motivators? Not giving up before “payday” is a powerful success skill, a skill that we should all cultivate. It’s worth making the time and energy to understand what motivates you toward greater personal and professional success and happiness.

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