Developing Financial Self Confidence


Developing financial self-confidence goes hand-in-hand with creating financial security. Here’s a fact: The more financially confident you are, the more money you will allow yourself to create, control and enjoy.  

1. Clearly and vividly define wealth and prosperity.

Do you have a clear vision of what your wealth looks, sounds and feels like? Have you actually written out a definition of what wealth means to you? Is there a certain emotional and/or physical monetary figure that denotes financial prosperity? 

2. Strive for being proactive with your finances -

It’s your money and if you don’t know what’s happening to it or with it, shame on you! Developing financial self-confidence is about competently controlling your current finances and learning how to manage future wealth.

3. Be receptive to growth and change -

This is great advice for your personal, professional and financial life. It’s a fact of life, “stuff” happens and life is constantly evolving. Your personal, professional and financial life should be evolving right along with you.

4. Know you’re worthy and deserving of wealth -

This one is probably more emotional than financial but if you aren’t giving yourself permission to create wealth, you’ll sabotage your financial success. Make the time to truly appreciate and understand your emotional relationship with money. You’ll only allow yourself to create, retain and enjoy wealth to the extent you believe you deserve to be wealthy.

 5. Recognize and understand your money values -

Your money values were formed in childhood. If you’d like a clue as to what those values are, look at how your “growing up” family, friends and neighborhood talked about money. The values developed and nurtured during childhood are unconsciously still controlling your financial life today.

Wealth is as much about developing personal self-confidence as it is about developing your financial portfolio. I’ll say it again — the more financially confident you become, the more money you’ll allow yourself to create, control and enjoy. The more competent you feel about your ability to manage money, the more money you’ll have to manage.

**Post taken in part from my article appearing in – Abundance and Wealth.**

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